Who is Phil Drost?

Phil Drost is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Thunder Bay, ON, who is constantly writing new music. 

Phil’s first release, the EP - 'Drifting With A Dream' contains songs written and recorded while studying music at Prairie College (2014 - 2016), under GMA/Dove/Juno Award winning singer-songwriter, Brian Doerksen. “Drifting With A Dream” was released on April 21st, 2016.

Phil's second release (March 9th, 2018) is titled, 'Better Off Believing'. It features eight songs that are connected thematically, but diverse musically. The album genre could be described as folk-rock in the broad sense, but Phil explores several different textures and flavours throughout the length of the album, making it full of interesting and unique musical moments that are sure to keep the listener engaged. 

Phil’s third release (March 30th, 2019), the EP - ‘Rerooted’. A tree that grew far away from home, only to return to its native soil. Songs of presentness and familiarity, future nostalgia, true community, whimsical longing, and human connection.

Phil's fourth release (Nov. 1, 2020), titled 'Glimpse Of Glory', is an overt and intentional look at faith in God; exploring praise, prayer, lament, and thankfulness.

Phil's fifth release (Sept. 1, 2023), is titled ‘Used to the Blues.’ This powerhouse of an album features fifteen minutes of some of Phil's finest performances, along with the genuis of long time friend, and multi-instrumentalist, Joel Cain. This EP presents a very carefully crafted and tasteful take on the blues.