'Used to the Blues' now available on CD and your favourite streaming platform!

I made it as a semi finalist for Unsigned Only Music Competition, with ‘Begin the Tale Again’! Hoping I proceed further and become a finalist. Thank you all for listening to my music!

'Glimpse Of Glory' is now available for streaming everywhere! If you'd like to purchase the digital album, you can do so here or on phildrost.bandcamp.com. Or just message me on my Facebook page - facebook.com/philipjdrost ... thanks to everyone for listening to the music and supporting me :)

Want a physical CD? You can order straight off of this website through the 'store'. You can also purchase on phildrost.bandcamp.com, or write me on my facebook page. CD's are $10/per or more if you would be so kind! I will send your order straight to your door upon payment :)

Spring is a-comin'! I've decided to release a video of me playing an original song every Monday. Hopefully it will help with the Monday blues. Check out the link to my youtube channel (click on the flowers), where you will find these videos (and some others :)) Cheers, friends! - Phil

EP Release Concert happening March 29th at the Urban Abbey in Thunder Bay! 7:30pm 

Rerooted. A tree that grew far away from home, only to return to its native soil. Songs of presentness and familiarity, future nostalgia, true community, whimsical longing, and human connection.

During this evening, Phil and his band will perform songs from all three of Phil's albums, along with some favourite tunes from other artists.
Tickets $10. Available at the door or ahead of time at the Habit Cafe. All three of Phil's CD's will be available for sale at the event.

Akademia Award Win 

Hello everyone! I am very happy to announce that I have won an Akademia award for "Best Rock EP" with the Drifting With A Dream EP! According to the panel of judges: "This canny collection reminds us why it's impossible to define what makes one band essential and another ephemeral - Phil Drost has that ineffable quality that will later be described as classic to the rock genre." link: Akademia Award Page
Thank you all for your continued support!

- Phil