1. Trust Me

From the recording Drifting With A Dream

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Words & Music by Phil Drost


My heart it beckons there’s so many questions I’m asking
Doubts fill the space any real estate I’m buying
Words that I say they just ricochet off of my ceiling
But in the silence between my words I’m hearing

“Ease your mind, trust me this time”

I took a chance took just one hurried glance, I was fading
Living in limbo is always worse than waiting
There’s a right path to regret and a wrong one to reason
But there’s a voice in the turning of the season

“Ease your mind, trust me this time”

I cannot live if I’m willing to give away nothing
Maybe my heart is enough; at least it’s something
When I surrender I feel that you’re strong in my weakness
Words that are soothing so clearly heard in meekness

“Ease your mind, trust me this time”